Monday, 21 October 2013

Fluffy Little Fellows

A friend, who is a designer, was after some pictures of rabbits and guinea pigs the other week. So I present a few pictures of our little menagerie. Spot the rabbit has appeared here as a wee kitten, when he was a ball of fluff. He's just as adorable these days as ever. He's quite the most canine rabbit I've ever known. Come to the door and up he runs, begging for a treat. Sit in a chair and he'll run up and want to play. He's a darling. The two guinea pigs are Bold, who has a crested head, and Nerva or Nervy, who doesn't. Obviously, the former is braver than the latter. They're cheery little fellows, and less terrified of us these days than they used to be. Being guinea pigs, mind, they're always a bit terrified. Spot has an odd relationship with the guinea pigs, as he almost seems to think that they aren't real. We've had previous rabbit and guinea pig pairings where the smaller guinea pig bullied the bunny, elbowing his way to the food. We've had ones where they have got on splendidly or simply passably, but never one where the rabbit just ignored the little chaps. One of our pet theories, if you will pardon the expression, is that Spot believes that we humans and he are the same species, whereas the guinea pigs clearly aren't.

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