Thursday, 17 October 2013

Dagger-shaped ships and something else that's just Super

The wee starships from last time are pretty much done now. I've all but omitted detailing their undersides, as they won't be visible. I've decided they will be proxies for the Gorns. I ran the numbers, and I could field about 2,800 points of ships, which is quite a goodly force. In the event of deciding to make some Mon Cal ships, I do have something to fight 'em with. I've left the details pretty minimal, and should get them undercoated today. While waiting for the Milliput to dry I also did a bit of work on a superheavy for 40K, which had been sitting unloved for a while. I added a bit of bulk to balance out the gun. It's the bit the officer's standing on. On the advice of a friend, I'm going to extend the rear of the vehicle somewhat. Well, that's how things are going at the minute. Hope all is well at your end, gentle reader.

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