Friday, 25 October 2013

Star Destroyers: Part 2

The rest of the shots of the Star Destroyers I've been working on of late. As mentioned before, I have two large store-bought models (of different sizes). These fellows will be standing in for the Gorns until such time as I get round to buying the proper models. Altogether, they give me one Dreadnought, one Heavy Battlecruiser, three Battlecruisers, four light cruisers, a scout variant of the same, and seven Destroyers. That lot comes to about 2,800 points, which is a nice little force.


  1. lol, it looks as though that federation cruiser has thrown your fleet into confusion!

    1. All hands, prepare to come about! Some weird non-triangular ship has just appeared. Raise shields! Battle stations!


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