Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Terrain: Huge Pipes

The other day I started sorting through some boxes, and ran across some bits of drainpipe, which I had bought to use as smokestacks for a monitor some years ago. That project never got finished, so I decided to repurpose these elements as huge pipes for my Space Crusade/Aliens-style terrain. These bits have a footprint of 3" by 9". It strikes me I don't have a corner pieces, but also that I don't need to make something with any pipe in it. The bits that here hide the ends of these pipes will let me just make a box as a corner-piece. They'll probably be board-edge markers in any game I eventually get round to playing. These are just primitive WIP shots, and they'll look nice with a spot of paint on them. In unrelated news, Happy Birthday to me!

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