Monday, 3 February 2014

Star Fleet: Destroyer conversions

First off, Happy February! Congratulations on surviving January. Commiserations on today being another Monday. Now, onto the main event. Having made a DDG (a destroyer armed with additional missiles) and a DDL (a destroyer armed with plasma-torpedoes), I had no sensor dishes sticking out the bottom of the saucer. I ordered some 0.8mm drillbits, and waited for them to arrive, and drilled into said bottom of the saucer. I clipped some staples into L-shapes, and glued them in with superglue gel. I mixed up some GS, and stamped out some circles of it using a bit of plasticard tube, then gently pushed them out with the end of a paintbrush, leaving concave dishes, which I left to harden for a bit. The dishes aren't perfect, but they are cheap. The differences between the DDG and DDL aren't huge, but since I'm using the CA (heavy cruiser, as in the old Enterprise) kit to make the DDG and the BCH (Heavy Battlecruiser) kit to make the DDL, the DDG has a smaller bridge, and the DDL has a gunnery room at the junction of the neck and warp nacelle. I've circled that for ease of observation. Massive differences, these ships. Next up: painting!

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