Monday, 10 February 2014

Star Fleet: Painted tug and destroyers

I took a lot more pictures than this, but they ended up all blurry, despite my use of a tripod. Mean camera. Anyway, the two that did look fine. I altered the look of these ships when painting them up, using a medium grey as the panel-lining colour, and drybrushing successively lighter shades of grey and white onto the hull. The cruiser in the pictures is painted in the old style, and is included by way of comparison. I used battlecruiser models for the tug and the DDL (plasma torpedo-armed destroyer), and a heavy cruiser model for the DDG (missile-armed destroyer). This is mainly visible in the larger bridge bulge you can see. At some future point, I'll get some transfers for these lads. The fleet as a whole is looking pretty good. There are only a few more bits and bobs I'd really like to fill in.

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