Monday, 24 February 2014

Terrain: Mini-Bunkers

I have a bunch of little bunkers sat about, assembled and undercoated in black, but unpainted and roofless. So I pulled out three shades of grey and successively drybrushed the walls of the buildings. For reference, I used the following paints. Dark: Mechanicus Standard Grey, Medium: Dawnstone, and light: Celestra Grey. Then I painted the doors with a coat or two of an old pot of Brazen Brass, and splotched a bit of Mithril Silver over that, and picked out the buttons to control the doors with Ultramarines Blue (probably - it's been moved to a modern pot). The above are all GW paints. Then I drybrushed the ground with some Galeria Acrylic Raw Umber, then a second layer of Boldmere Acrylic Burnt Sienna.

I left it to dry, then used dilute PVA to affix some grass to the surface. I'll probably hit that with a drybrush to take the brightness off it. At some point I'll get round to making roofs for these things, but there's no rush. Who needs ten bunkers capable of holding a Heavy Weapons team or five individual soldiers? Not I. I might see if I can sell a few of these to my old wargaming club later this year. I am toying with popping down for Old Boys' Week for the first time in - well, I never! - a decade. That's a bit weird. Anyway, before I ramble off down Memory Lane, here are some shots with Mr Sherlock Holmes investigating some bunkers placed very oddly.

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