Wednesday 1 September 2010

Large project revelation

Here's the big chap you saw a little part of earlier. For a sense of scale, the wee dark figure you can see amidships is a metal Catachan.


I was surprised, looking back through my records, to discover that I started work on this ship almost two years ago! But after cutting out the upper and lower hulls, the main gun turrets, bridge tower and the funnels, work stalled. So a few pieces are missing. You see I've somehow lost one of the funnels as well as a few of the gun barrels. Those I haven't lost have broken loose at one point or another. So I have some repair work to do as well as the new work. I do have definite plans to get her finished this time. And quickly!

For those interested in the armament, it's as follows.

Main guns: 3 triple-Medusa turrets
Secondary and AA armament: 4 twin-linked AA Lascannon (2 either side of the superstructure amidships), 3 Manticore AA turrets

The Manticore AA turrets may be degraded to firing merely AA-capable HK Missiles, since the missile models are much smaller than the Manticore missiles.

Large project teaser

My third and final Shadowsword arrived today, but I have been - and aim to continue for a bit - working on a large project. No proper photos as yet, but here is a teaser.

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