Tuesday 8 July 2014

A little renovation

We've been doing a spot of carpentry here. The painting is largely finished, although a couple of external windows are getting a bit of special attention. Here are some shots of a downstairs door. The duller portions of blue hadn't seen a lick of paint since some time in the '90s, apparently. The other picture is the carpentry I mentioned. From the garden I realised the wood on one of our windows had quite rotted away. Like a flash my brother had removed it, and we spent three hours removing the damaged section and fashioning a replacement. The refurbished part is going up in an hour or two. Prospective burglars reading this should note that there are four of us in the house, and they'll need Spiderman-like agility to reach the missing window! I'll do my best to get a shot for comparison, but the weather's gone a bit grey here, so a similarly sunny picture might demand a day or two.

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