Monday 27 August 2018

Tau forcefield thing?

Another thing for a friend at the club. This doodah was a lot of fun to paint. I did quite a bit of masking, chipping and loads of weathering. I think it's some sort of floating forcefield-bearing structure that advances across the battlefield. There's a big gun on a tower involved, too. The forcefield is a separate piece of translucent blue plastic that the friend who owns the kit has since inserted.

Monday 20 August 2018

Space table

A long time ago in a blog not terribly far away, I painted a table tennis table so it provided a (nearly) 4' by 8' playing area for space battles. That's great but not portable. Ergo, meet the new table, smaller than the old table. This is 3' square, and was quite fun to construct. Show me someone who dislikes sawing up bits of wood and I'll look at them funny. I hope the pictures speak for themselves. A spot of glue plus some weight plus clamps plus time = the skeleton. Add a grey undercoat, a black gloss base, and then some gentle sprays with spraycans.

Monday 13 August 2018

Bolt Action: Panzer II

This little guy from Warlord was a lovely kit to assemble and paint. There was some slight flash to clean up, and the assembly diagram was for an earlier version of the model, but it's got a minimal number of parts. I got the decals from a 1/48 Pz IV I built and painted (but evidently never finished) some years back. I undercoated in Halford's yellow primer, then applied grey atop that. The resin is grey and I felt sure I'd miss something otherwise! This is probably partly responsible for the tawny hue of the finished model. The fact that my light just seems to have gone a bit yellow is doubtless another factor!

At the club we're working on Bolt Action in a distracted fashion. WWII isn't really my period, but a game is a game. :)

Rich and I have acquired a few different bits and bobs which should see us able to field a few armies. In-game pictures will hopefully follow at some point. We have for the Germans a pair of Panthers, so I wanted to get something a bit more limited, that wouldn't take up half the points cost of a thousand point force all on its own! Plus, I like anything I can slip into my ever-planned, never-realised VBCW plans. ;)

Monday 6 August 2018

Seeing Red, er, 40K Mechanicus buildings

As previously mentioned, I've been doing quite a few Mechanicus buildings for a mate at the club. Expect more in the future! Oh, some other buildings towards the end will have their own shot soon.

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