Thursday 26 September 2013

Thirty painted bunkers for sale at £15 each!

I've sorted out my troubles with Ebay. Here's the listing for the bunkers. They're £15 each with free P&P in the UK. I hope you like them enough to buy one!

Sunday 22 September 2013

Bunker for sale

One of the bitter-sweet things about life is learning. Usually, learning is helpful in the long-term. Sometimes it's a bit of a pain in the short-term. I have got 32 bunkers ready to sell. So off to Ebay. I haven't ever tried to sell 32 of something before. I put up one listing, and can't work out how to sell multiple iterations of the same thing in that one listing. I know it's possible. I've seen it done. So I had a rant on Facebook, and a friend kindly provided me a link. After some swearing, the link was useful. Isn't it amazing how swearing makes things work out? Unfortunately, when I tried to sell 30 items . . . Ebay told me I could only sell 30 items per month. So I asked it to post me a letter. Then I tried to edit the listing so I could sell 29 items on the big listing. But now all that happens is that it sends me back to the sign-in screen. It's fine. It isn't as though I need to sell these bunkers so I can afford to pay off the minimum payment on next month's credit card statement, meaning any delay would be excruciating. Oh, tell a lie.

Anyway, if anyone fancies bidding on the one item Ebay is allowing me to sell for the time being, here is the first bunker. The number of these things is slowly creeping upwards. I might end up selling 150 of them by the end of it all. If I can afford to. I have also been working on a load of those mini-bunkers. I'd rather sell them in pairs, but trios would arguably make more sense, so you could fit a whole Heavy Weapons Squad in them. What do you folk think? Please comment below. For the time being, here are the illustrative pictures of the bunkers I hope soon to be able to sell on Ebay en masse. As the Ebay blurb suggests, I suspect they'll mainly appeal to 40K Apocalypse players, but a bunker or three would sit nicely on a normal table as an objective or narrative terrain feature. Heck, on a 6' wide table, three of these bunkers (each a little less than 6" wide), would provide a pretty coherent defensive line across the whole board. Go on. you know you want to. Fully painted. You can just pop them right on the board. Game with them right away. Ugh, I hate sales patter. I disgust myself. Let's pass over this ugly incident with a few pretty pictures of a specimen bunker.

Thursday 12 September 2013

A little bit of everything does you good

The other day I was reading a report, either on the BBC website or in The Daily Telegraph, which related that scientists studying men had found that we generally get more frustrated by repetitive and tedious tasks than women. Having spent a few weeks now forcing myself to get lots of bunkers ready, and having found the experience fairly tiresome, I could well relate to it. Having said that, there is something greatly cheering at beholding the physical fruits of one's labours. I am a few days from that as far as the bunkers go, but lately I have also been engaged in a spot of house-painting. Ceiling, coving, walls and wainscot have had their due. In a few hours, once yesterday's undercoat is thoroughly dry, I'm going to apply the gloss to the last of the woodwork.

Despite being cheered by a job well done, if I may toot my own trumpet, it's also a bit dispiriting to think how much of the house could still do with a coat of paint. Rather, it's daunting to think how much remains to do. However, with the weather turning to the traditional English cold and damp, anything remaining will have to wait until next year at the earliest. I'm doing what I can with the back stairs, although to do a good job I really need to be about nine or ten feet tall. Last time I checked, I wasn't, and my failure to bang my head on the ceilings suggests that continues to be the case. In short, I may well miss a few spots. Even if I manage to avoid missing a few spots, there will doubtless be a few inadvertent splashes onto the stairs or some adjacent woodwork.

That shan't put me off, though. It needs doing, and I know how to do it. It'll soon be out of the way, and I'll feel I've accomplished something. Other things in life can be more confusing. If years ago Dad hadn't told me about the difference between gloss paints and emulsion, there'd have been a lot more dead crushes hereabouts before I figured it out on my own. There's a lesson: I would still have figured out through trial and error. Unless, of course, I never bothered painting anything, and just let the house fall gradually into disrepair. It's an easy thing to do, to let one's home or body or life come apart. Sometimes we need a poke to get things together. I know I do.

Keep your eyes peeled for those bunkers, folks. They will definitely start appearing within the next seven days. Unless someone eats them or velociraptors cut me off from them. Barring that, they should soon be on Ebay. Be well, folks.

Saturday 7 September 2013

God rest you, Donald Featherstone

Just about the first thing I ever knew of wargaming was Donald Featherstone's work. I have in my hand now a copy of Featherstone's Complete Wargaming from 1988. It contains a wealth of ideas I have either used or ought to have used in my gaming. I can't do the chap justice. He was a true master of the field, and there isn't a story from the aforementioned book I haven't long since committed to memory. God bless you and keep you, Mr Featherstone.
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