Monday 17 July 2017

Steam Launch WIP

There's a nice article in one of the gaming magazines about making a steam launch, and I am easily influenced! 28mm Copplestone German Freikorps chappy for scale.


Many moons ago I posted a teaser of crop fields. Here are some more pictures. Pic F8 is what the furrowed fields look like before I pop yellow ground scatter all over them. Just wee bits of carpet tile, those.

Saturday 15 July 2017

Terrain: abandoned Wild West building

I picked this MDF kit up at Salute. Apologies for forgetting the company, but whoever it is, they sell a ruined and an in-use version of this one. I really liked the basic shape. I ended up cladding the outside in balsa, and making individual tiles for the roof. The main colour was Army Painter Red spraypaint, with some pre- and post-shading with black, white, their cream colour, and then a bit of drybrushing. I added a few little details, like the logpile and a few tufts of grass, but wanted to leave it fairly empty, both for playability and because it's a abandoned building, so the emptier it is, the more right it feels.

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