Monday, 6 February 2012

French infantry company

We've had some very bad weather lately, which has indirectly kept me inside. I've mentioned before that we have a rabbit, Spot. It's been as low as seven degrees (Celsius) below freezing, so we aren't putting him out in that, no matter how snug his hutch usually is! Therefore, I have been staying up at night to keep him company inside. On the plus side, I have had a lot of time to get this whole bunch of French infantry finished. I'll be using them as a small additional force for GW's Warhammer Historicals or with TFL's Through the Mud and the Blood. Anyway, going by GW's force org stuff, in total there is a company command section of three, beefed up to five by the addition of two men. There are two platoons of ten men, beefed up with an additional two men each. There's also a Major without a hand, waiting for it to be rediscovered from some box, and for me to buy a lot more men so he can have a small battalion under his command. I have noticed a few footling mistakes here, and I'm now heading off downstairs to sit with Spot and do some touching up of these chaps. Enjoy the pics!

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