Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Great War: French infantry

I found where a load more of these wee lads had been hiding: another box on a shelf in the corner. I've got another four done to tabletop standard, and have been doing some mass painting work on the others. Everyone got a coat of Necron Abyss Foundation paint, a drybrush with Ultramarine Blue and a lighter one with Ice Blue. Then I washed them with either Leviathan Purple or Asurmen Blue. The famous pantalons rouges are the result of a coat of Macharius Solar Orange painted over with some Ruby Red. They need another coat or two of that, and then they'll get a wash of Baal Red over the top. There's one fella absent from this, as he's missing his right hand - it was a separate piece holding a pistol, and I think I lost it way back when. Anyway, enjoy these pictures!

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