Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tall things! A silo and a defensive structure!

Yonks ago I bought m'self a water pistol thingy. Well, there's no word for it, is there? Y'can't say, "I bought myself a water carbine." People look at you and ask what a carbine is. Hm. So this big ol' water pistol had a few big canisters for holding ammunition, er, water. The kerjigger died, as is their wont, and I ended up with leftover canisters. One got turned into a fuel storage doodah ages back, and two more are near me now. The one that ended up as a fuel silo was glued in place horizontally, so I messed with that a (really, really tiny) bit this time, and here's a vertical version. "Inspirational, Pete! You switched something from horizontal to vertical! You're a lion among men!" Well, thank you, Imaginary Audrey Hepburn. ;-) The first was in temperate terrain, so this new one will be in snow. Yeah, so I pondered doing something similar with number three, and then decided against it.

Instead, I grabbed a big ol' tub of protein powder, stripped off the enveloping paper and glued it to a bit of wood. I guess this will be a tall bunker or HQ or something along those lines. Er, with a fuel tank or water tank or whatever outside. I also grabbed some spare bits of polystyrene I had lying about for aeons. I recall asking for suggestions about what to do with them months ago, so to those of you who did not speak I say this: "Tut-tut!" So, anyway, this'll be a great tall kerjigger that blocks line of sight to a whole lot of stuff. The small fuel tank (and the roof of the lower floor) is about the right height to obscure GW AFVs. Er, and superheavies, I guess. But not more than titans' shins. On which tedious, hair-splitting note, I shall leave you to these pic-a-chaws what I done took. I think this is going well this week. Yesterday I recounted my adventures this last weekend, and today I'm babbling about how I'm making stuff from stuff. Mm, stuff from stuff - what a great line. Enjoy these pictures, Futurama fans! If you're no fan of Futurama, how the Hell did you end up here?

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