Friday, 10 February 2012

Victoria Regina Imperatrixque and the BEF

I've moved on from the French, having done those touch-ups and having been unable to find the French dragoons I know exist somewhere in this house! I'm not risking any varnishing with the cold as it is. Lord knows what the varnish would do! I'm at work on Queen Victoria (from Foundry, I think - I believe I got her along with several iterations of Holmes and Watson the other year) and some dismounted BEF cavalry. I'd painted three of these chaps a while ago, and the three newer ones are in a much warmer scheme. I like both in their own ways, but I am a great fan of having slightly variegated units, reflecting the different rates of weathering. There won't be a neat fifty-fifty split in colouring - I shall some day get some more packs of dismounted horse and add a few more unusual shades. I have also been working on some Imperial Guard Heavy Weapons teams for 40K, but I made an ill-considered attempt to use some old Green Ink rather than Thraka Green wash on their armour and missile launchers, and the results are disastrous and far too embarrassing to be seen! :-D Content yourselves for now with these few models while I see about fixing the damage.


  1. Very nice, are you mounting them on 2p coins?

  2. Cheers, mate! Aye, except The Queen-Empress, who's on a regular plastic one, I think. I amble back and forth between various bases, as I sometimes like tall ones if the models are a bit short next to others. I have a load of WWI BEF from Musketeer on plastic bases so they look less short next to GWM and Renegade.


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