Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Rubble and Ramparts

Everyone loves alliteration . . . for a while, anyway. Before it wears off, I'll get down to the substance of this post. On the rampart front I have done the following. I hot glued the polystyrene to the 2' long bit of wood, then used a bread-knife to carve the slope into the plastic. Then I cut wood to serve as the platform on which the soldiers will stand and to provide false walls and support struts for the trench, and I glued them all in place. I then diluted some PVA and applied a layer of tissue paper, waited for it to dry and then used dilute PVA once more to glue some sand on. I am waiting for that to dry, and then I shall fill in a few gaps and secure the whole with another layer of the watery glue. I've been working on a number of other buildings and ruins, which I've just glued sand to so far. I'll secure that when they're dry, too. Without further ado, pictures!

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