Sunday, 29 January 2012

A silo, an Alien Thingy and some French infantrymen

It's a bit funny, the Alien Thingy. On the one hand, I'm very happy with it, as it looks quite perturbing and out of place. On the other hand, it doesn't merge into the ground around it, and I am not sure that I ought not to have used Greenstuff to effect a more gradual, sinewy, sinuous transition. I am still not quite happy with the silo, but there is a finite number of times I am prepared to apply dilute blue paint and wait for it to dry, only - having photographed it - to discover that it still isn't right. I have reached that number. I am much happier with the infantry. Don't let the flash fool you. They are considerably darker in person. This means the blue looks better, but the red is not so brilliant. Tsk!

In theory, they could do with a few more details here and there: some more yellow piping on the lieutenant's hat and little red tabs on the men's collars (I am not mad enough even to consider applying invisible blue numerals to reveal their loyalty). I notice there are some problems, but I think that I shall leave well enough alone or end up never finishing them. They have languished long enough, my poor poilus! I think the three men are Renegade and the officer is from Great War Miniatures. I have a St. Etienne HMG somewhere about. I must dig it out once I have the rest of the chaps done. I think there are 25 or so, mostly clustered in a vegan ice-cream tub beside me.

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