Friday, 20 January 2012

Aptness in blogging

It's inarguable and obvious to me that when I wrote the other day of the pang I experienced at not being in the position of collecting bits and bobs for a life of charming domesticity, that one of the key things running through my mind was that a grand old friend has just had a darling wee baby, and has asked me to be his Best Man in May. Compounding that this evening was the revelation that two more of my dearest friends are expecting a wee one in several months' time. I love babies and I get a bit "squee!" about them. Of course, one of the doubtless attractions of babies is that I just see them being all cute and wrinkly, and am never called upon to change them or do much more than cuddle them!

Anyway, there is always a dark side to everything, and there is one here. "What, Pete? How can there be a dark side to babies? Is there an ancestral curse? Are hordes of vampires waiting to descend? Is a shapeshifter waiting in the wings to malignantly steal away the newborn?" No, none of that, you hot-head! Look at my last blog entry. I am all set to go out and try to chat up a pretty (and I hope clever and pleasant) young lady, and all I have in my head is thoughts of babies. There are other ways to scare off a prospective first date, but they involve quoting lines from films and TV series at her, as I remarked yesterday. Let us end, nonetheless, on a high note: nothing tonight can get me down. I can strike out about a dozen times and still be lifted up by thinking, "Babies! Awesome!"


  1. LOLed very hard at this :D
    cheers for your ramblings

  2. Thankee, Colonel! As it chanced, I didn't strike out last night, but I did tonight, and remained cheerful nonetheless! :-D


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