Monday, 9 January 2012

Terrain: 4' of barbed wire complete, towers and rocket coming along nicely

I have finished off most of the barbed wire, as you can see below (figs.1-4). The final foot (fig.5) needs weathering powders, leaves and varnish, and should be done and dusted by this evening. The Alien Thingy (fig.6) has had a coat of black paint, and successive dry(ish)-brushes of gradually lighter greys. The bronze silo (figs.7&9) has had another wash of Ice Blue, and is looking better. I still need to go back in and deal with a few dodgy looking spots. The rocket (fig.8) has had its basic colour scheme and some very gentle damaging of its pristine paintwork. Now will have a varnish, then some transfers. I thought the fancy silo (fig.10) was a bit too fancy, so have given it a very light wash of that Foundation orange (Macharius, IIRC), which has come out a bit like a light rust and a little like dirt. I think I'll hit it with a few more types of dirt, then leave it. It probably won't be getting varnished, as the matte would kill the metal trim's gleam. Pictures:


  1. Great Blog !

    Im following you!

    You can follow me too, i got a Painting Blog!

  2. Pete, I had no idea you actually had a blog my good man. When I checked your profile it didn't say you had a blog!!! Sorry. You're on my blog roll now.

    I'll go sit in the corner and flagellate myself as penitence. :(

  3. You only have 25 followers? HERESY! This blog is Godly...

  4. Hi, where did you get the barbed wire from, i.e. the wire that looks like single wire with a second wire coiled around it ?


  5. Lawks, this is a lot of comments! Duende, I am now following you, too. Jolly keen on your pale blue Wehrmacht fellas.

    Frontline Gamer, please don't apologise, old man! I assure you there's no need. I shan't forestall your self-flagellation, lest that be your sort of thing, though. ;-)

    GoldenKaos, 'tis most kind of you to say so! I seem to have soared all the way up to 27 now - a splendid number! :-D

    David, it's from Antenociti, the same place whence I got the dead leaves: They have a wealth of lovely bits and bobs over there. I think the wire can be obtained elsewhere, I should say. I haven't compared prices, mind ye.


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