Saturday, 7 January 2012

Terrain Extravaganza: silos, 5 feet of barbed wire, ruins, an Alien Thingy and a Rocket to the Moon!

First, the exercise programme is going well. I am certain of this because of the soreness in forearms, biceps, chest and my back (upper and lower)! Second, I have also been hard at work on scenery, as the title suggests. The barbed wire (both the 2' by 3" piece and the four previous 6" by 3" pieces) had a black undercoat. Then I brushed silver messily over the wire before painting the staves (matchsticks) Dheneb Stone. I wasn't too worried about tidiness here because of the next stage: painting the bases dark brown. Again, because this is a muddy battlefield, I wasn't too worried about getting dark brown paint on the wood or the wire. The next stage will be to apply some weathering powders to the whole, glue on some little fake leaves from Antenociti, and then gloss varnish the lot. It's going to look good. I'll end up with a vast amount of barbed wire coverage after this. I already have a load of 3" squares and 3" by 6" oblongs sufficient to cover 39", I think, so with the completion of these four feet and the extra 12" by 3" piece beside me awaiting sand and glue, I'll be able to deploy a truly frightful mess of the stuff, in quantities both small and vast!

Next, the silos are coming along nicely. The only problem is that I keep rushing from one to another to yet another to try out a different style or colour! The first has had a red undercoat, and is in the process of being weathered to look like corroded bronze. It's very much a WIP, that look. Second, a tower of cream has been hit with lots of dirt to make it look very grubby and unkempt. Number three had a yellow primer undercoat, then some green car paint and a gloss on it. Yellow is poking out around the crevices, which will, I hope, enhance the look of the rust it will receive. Finally, the Pringles tube looks the most unusual. I had had enough of dirt, so decided to make this one all pretty. So after a glossy black undercoat (and varnish), I gave her a scarlet stripe and three purple stripes, then a lot of gold trim. Perhaps she is holding the Emperor's personal Pringle stores. The purple looks a bit wonky in these pictures for two reasons. The first stripe I mixed some Imperial Purple with Lightning (or was it Ice?) Blue, but I accidentally used Storm Blue for the other two. So that needs correcting. I was painting downstairs yesterday evening, watching the rabbit, and the light in there is dreadful!

I also have decided to quickly finish off a piece I began literally years ago. I had decided to make a Deathstrike and launcher - long before the new IG codex, this! The launcher eventually became a Stormblade, but the rocket looked too Orky to me, so has just sat on a table near the shower, prompting quizzical comments ever since. So I shall get her done and out of the way now! As well as these towering pieces of terrain I have a few smaller bits in hand. There's a pair of polystyrene pieces which will get a basic coat of sand and glue and paint. One is suitable for a walker to hide in and snipe at infantry while hull down, so to speak, and the other is a slightly exposed vantage point for infantry. As I mentioned earlier, I have another bit of barbed wire (12" by 3") waiting for some work, and as well as that a weird and wonderful piece of packing cardboard that came with a Christmas present from my dear brother. It's an unusual shape (well, collection of shapes), and the surface texture makes me want to paint it up as an organic ooze of ickiness - if you will permit me to be utterly vague. Erm, think the power station nest in Aliens. Finally, I went down to town yesterday and found myself a palette. It's the curse of W. H. Smith's: I find it very hard to go in there without leaving with a wargaming magazine and various items of stationery. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics. I am off to do some more work.

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