Thursday, 5 January 2012

Silos and fields of wire

I popped out and got some more modelling supplies yesterday. I have been working the last couple of days on these silos. A friend kindly bestowed on my another bottle of Scotch as a Christmas/New Year's gift, and it's one that comes in a cardboard tube, so inevitably, the bottle is sitting all exposed now, and the tube is another silo! The modelling supplies mainly amounted to a 4' by 2' plywood board, so I have started basing up a few ruined buildings, and begun work on some seriously large barbed wire emplacements. I have a 12" by 3" segment near me, and you can see it's big brother in the pictures: 24" by 3". That's right, a two foot long strip of barbed wire for when you absolutely must halt that enemy infantry attack! I've taken it outside and applied a coat of black all over it, and aim to paint it up properly tomorrow. Until next time.

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