Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Back to the West: more Wild West terrain

Yonks ago I left a water tower unfinished as I lacked PVA glue, and I left a bridge unfinished because I needed a base for it. Well, one of those situations has been rectified. I thought I had a base for the bridge, but it turns out I have made it such a towering thing that I need to get it its own 2' by 4' board. That's the only way to resolve the way it towers over the scenery, as the pictures below show. The water tower is nicely done now. The circular core is a piece of plastic drainpipe, which has been wrapped round with balsa planks. The metal bands are plasticard studded with plasticard rivets.

The black (-ish) tarpaulin over the lot is why I needed the PVA. It's made from tissue paper imperganted with diluted PVA. After everything was dry, I undercoated the whole piece in yellow, then set about staining the different planks and faux-planks in an assortment of colours. I painted the tarpaulin black, then drybrushed a cream housepaint over it all. I then applied a coat of black, then of GW Boltgun metal to the plasticard bands, and dotted the rivets - and applied scratches - with Mithril Silver. I hope to get the bridge done inside of a month. Really, I need to get some more polystyrene, too. We'll see.

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