Monday, 16 January 2012

Busy, busy, busy: terrain again!

First, I have been hard at work on a 2' by 4' trench board (Figs.1-4. I'm making a determined effort to finish off my trench so that I can deploy the full 12' of it. This board will be the central one, with two FW turret hardpoints and a central command bunker. It's also got a frontage of crunchy barbed wire goodness to hold up those villainous attackers, whoever they are. I started work on a couple of small ruined buildings, first covering them in sand (Figs.5-7). I quickly finished the last foot of barbed wire (Fig.8), then hurried back and gave a quick coat of paint to the two ruins, adding some rusty pipes to one for a dash of colour, and giving both a bit of scrubby undergrowth (Figs.9-13). I then thought I'd finished off a silo (Fig.14), until I looked at this picture again and saw that I'd quite forgotten to do the base! Too enthusiastic, that's my trouble. I should have that done by tomorrow.

The ruins were a simple matter of finding some suitable bits of polystyrene packagaing, and bashing them about a bit to enhance the look. I then glued them to bases, waited, applied sand all over with diluted PVA, secured it with diluted PVA, and, after waiting again, basecoated the lot of black. I drybrushed light grey and then cream onto the stone/concrete portions, and then applied brown house paint to the ground portions, which I then drybrushed with cream. That having dried, I stuck on some clump foliage. The ruins are the sort of things one can dash off quite quickly. They could be improved in a lot of ways, but they look pretty good for the amount of effort put in. Right, that's all for now. Enjoy the pics, and I should have another update tomorrow.


  1. these look great, makes me wonder why i am so lazy with terrain.

    that trench board is a truly massive undertaking!

  2. This is great terrain. I have recently just pulled out a whole whack of my old home made terrain for a big game. Its so rewarding having your men fight over your own terrain. keep it up :)

  3. Great Blog!

    Im following you!

    You can follow me too! I got a painting Blog too !

  4. Sorry, Duende, while I had started following you, I'd not added you to the Blog List. It took me months to realise those two functions weren't linked, and I still haven't entirely got a handle on the situation!

    Cheers, Atreides! The key is caffeine. Well, that or prolonged periods of unemployment. I get most done when I combine the two! The ruins really just make themselves. All I needed was glue, patience, sand, polystyrene, paint and the plywood base. And a sliver of inclination!

    Thankee, Colonel! I agree it's most pleasing to have one's own men on one's own boards. I'm lucky enough right now to be able to do just that. I really should have a game once I have this third trench board finished.


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