Friday, 30 March 2012

Big Board: River, Bridge and Hill

Today the temperature fell, so instead of sawing in the garden, I have begun work on a long-considered project: a Wild West river board. I made the bridge for this ages ago, but only acquired the 2' by 4' chipboard the other day. I marked out where I wanted the river to go first, and decided it would be an imposing 6" across. I wanted to have the bridge toward one end and on the other side a small ford, with line of sight between the two blocked by a flat-topped hill. So I grabbed the hot glue gun and some bits of polystyrene, and set to work. Having completed that initial task, I dug out some old elasticated bandage and some tissue paper, and secured them to the polystyrene with some diluted PVA glue. I wanted to make it appear that there was a viable way to the summit, and I think I've succeeded. I shall almost certainly add some more bits and carve others away, but I shall leave that until the glue has dried. For the time being, here are two photos. The first after the initial building and the second following the mummification of the polystyrene lumps. The softening of the corners that the mummification effects makes the hill look a lot nicer than when it's just bare polystyrene and wood.

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