Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The fields are alive with the sound of quacking

Would that have been as highly regarded a film as Julie Andrews'? I think we can safely say that the answer is no. As I was saying the other day, I haev been out in the garden a lot lately, and so have been snapping ever more pictures of the various critters hereabouts. We also recently got two wee guinea pigs, of whom I append a single snapshot. The majority of these pics are of wild bunnies, ducks and squirrels, with a couple of shots of Mr Pheasant, whom we hadn't seen lately. Most of the ducks are normal mallards, but you'll see two unusual ones here. There's a female white duck, who last year produced three crossbred males, one of whom you can see below. They've a rather pretty blue grey head on them. My brother can tell the difference between the females she produced and the regular ones, but I can't! I haven't enclosed many shots of the rabbits this time, as my camera is not designed for long distances, so long-distance shots are indistinct. I have marked with red three rabbits in a photograph below, but I think there were four when I took the picture. I can't find the last one now! See if you can guess where s/he is!

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