Friday, 2 March 2012

Hills, a frozen pond, crates and more bits and bobs!

Yesterday I did my general burble about relationships. Over on the exquisite Roundwood's World I saw a grand link to Wordle, a site which analyses everything you've put up in the last however-long and makes a "word cloud" of it all. You might see one for here soon, you lucky, lucky people! I'm currently waiting for Dad's PC to be free so I can print off a set of plans for a nifty little faux-hill from the excellent Confessions of a 40k addict blog. I am avoiding idleness, mind you! Don't you go about deducing from me faffing about online that I'm doing nowt, you villain! :-p I could be doing more, of course, if I weren't wasting precious minutes doing nothing, working the whole day through!

No, really, I have not been remiss (good word that - use it more, reader!) in my non-duties. I have hot-glued a faux-hill together. I am not quite sure where to go with it, but my current inclination is to slap some paper towels on it, then a ladder, and pretend it's a weird-looking cargo container. When I was driving down to Wales the other week I saw a great little train. The engine was quite humdrum, but the wagons had sides that slanted up from the sides and the back just so: / \ - and this little hill is in part inspired by them. Second, I decided to make some ponds, and first of all a frozen one. I bought a great little book some years ago, an Osprey Masterclass in making scenery, and I recalled it had a section on making frozen rivers or ponds. The book, which I highly recommend, is of more use to makers of dioramas than people who want to make rough, tough stuff that will withstand kids chucking it into a box every week. I don't believe it cost that much when I bought it, but I used to be more profligate than I am these days.

As well as the pond, I finished the pile of crates, which I placed beside my Wild West stuff earlier. I think it fits in nicely. Next I have that vertically-raised fuel tower and a blockhouse-kinda-thing together with half a dozen Sallies (2 Salamander Command vehicles, 4 regular Salamanders). As well as that, I have dragged that huge hill I made aeons ago out of the Pool Room, and am set to glue bits to it to break up its horribly regular form. The trench and ruins are also looking well. So, yeah, lots of stuff on my plate. Let's see what I first consume.

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