Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2012 and 2013

The Roman god Janus had two faces, one which looked back, while the other one didn't. As his month of January begins, it behoves us to follow his example. 2012 has been rather a good year for me. I have made steps toward employment, including spending a week sitting in on History (and Politics and RE and Modern Language) lessons at my old school, which made me sure that teaching is something I should be happy to do. I attended two friends' weddings, and this has also been a year of babies being born, which is rather sweet. On the wargaming front, I have been consistently having a few games, granted only by coercing my brother! The blog has grown by leaps and bounds. I apologise for the paucity of posts this last month, but December has turned out to be remarkably full. Expect better of January!

So what for this year? I am not by nature an ambitious man, being rather more aptly described as half-asleep. Money and power don't really speak to me. Well, let us be ambitious in other ways. I am waiting to hear back about starting a PGCE in the autumn, but prior to that I mean to get some teacher training experience, so that I am better informed. I was a little late applying this year, so if things should fall through, I shall be able to put together a better and earlier application next year. Hope for the best, plan for the worst, and all that! As well as that, I have already begun a deliberate rescue effort. I have deduced that within me is a thin man attempting to get out, so I jogged a mile earlier, walked another four and did some light weights. I hope to see some heartening results in a few months.

As part of a plan to try new things I experimented with a foodstuff called kassava on New Year's Eve. It's a little on the bland side for my tastes, though if it were a foodstuff native to these shores, it would compare favourably with the potato (yes, yes, I know). Even the inflated prices of spuds following this year's torrential rains don't let the imported kassava yet stand shoulder to shoulder. Anyway, experimenting with food is one thing, but insufficiently adventurous. Having looked about at friends doing things, I  have drawn up a list of ridiculous things I would never consider doing. At some point be prepared to learn that I have thrown myself from an aeroplane - or been thrown by the experienced person I'll tandem-jump with. That will not be for a while, and I have some other madcap plans in mind. At a more down-to-earth level, I mean to have a proper look about the area for some other gamers. I am still very into this whole Star Fleet system, so it's mainly opponents for that I'll be seeking. I had a Romulan fleet arrive for Christmas, pictures of which should be up in the next few days. There may be a slight problem, as I appear to have an addiction for the Constitution-class Heavy Cruiser: I bought another three the other day, which will bring me up to half a dozen, plus the Lexington Command variant and Gettysburg Heavy Command variant. My name is Pete, and I have a problem!

In closing, I wish you all a Happy New Year and much success!

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