Saturday, 12 January 2013

Federation, Romulans, Countrymen! Er, planets, I mean.

A friend of mine popped over briefly from Korea just before Christmas, and kindly brought with him a load of plastic hemispheres he discovered in an art store. Although my planets are at present spheres, I am quite taken with the look and practicality of these things. For instance, it's far easier to judge where the orbital areas of planets start when they are just there on the table. Pictured below are the five planets, the largest of which is suitable for a gas giant, then there's a middling one and three fairly small ones, which will be more than enough for any battlefield. I've snapped some shots of Federation starships bearing transfers and zipping between them. Also included are some preliminary pictures of the Romulan fleet. Picture captions are as follows:

A: Three War Eagle Cruisers (the variant from the classic TOS episode Balance of Terror), and two King Eagle Cruisers (a more powerful command variant)
B: Four Battle Hawks and three Snipe Battle Frigates
C: In the front two SkyHawk Destroyers, and in the rear from left to right a SparrowHawk Light Cruiser, a FastHawk Heavy Cruiser (in my view the prettiest of the Romulan ships) and a FireHawk Heavy Cruiser (the model can represent either the FireHawk or the NovaHawk Command Cruiser variant)
D: In the rear two Condor Dreadnoughts, great flat things that can barely turn, and at the front a pair of Klingon-made KR Heavy Cruisers and another Romulan-refurbished Klingon ship, the KF5R Destroyer. The Klingon ships are rather attractive propositions when compiling a fleet list, as they still benefit from the Klingon special rule regarding forward shields.

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