Monday, 7 January 2013

The Romulan Invasion

They stole in past the defences. A ripple of movement caught the eye, but then it was too late. Decloaking en masse the Romulans attacked, overwhelming the enemy. Plasma torpedoes tore through the void, striking and overwhelming shields. Terror and confusion gripped the defenders, but only briefly. For as soon as the attack had begun it was over. As the defenders began to return fire, the Romulans faded away, vanishing back into the blackness whence they sprang.

Yep, Romulans arrived over Christmas, and I had been merrily engaged in assembling and painting them ever since. I had got some Vallejo matte varnish, which worked well on my Federation ships. Although now I look at the pictures below, maybe it is just less apparent on white paint than on pale grey. I've been applying the transfers Mongoose sell - pretty ineptly, and have had to order a second sheet as I ruined so many of the first lot. It took me a  while to get accustomed to using such small transfers. Anyway, the varnish came out nice and matte on the Federation ships, but has been uniformly gloss on the Romulans. That has been a bit irritating, and means I am currently waiting for sufficiently clement weather to have a go at using Army Painter spray matte varnish. Spray-on varnish dislikes the cold and the damp, and even a mild English winter is a bit of a dicey time to use it. I may end up leaving it for a sunny day.

Here are the Romulans prior to their coats of paint and varnish, and a single Federation heavy cruiser with her name and number emblazoned. I have to admit I have something of a heavy cruiser addiction. Five more are winging this way here as I type this. Would that they came at warp speed! Anyway, that will bring me to eight basic Constitutions, a Lexington and a Gettysburg on the same chassis. Time to join Wargamers Anonymous: My name is Pete, and I have a problem. Enjoy these pictures, and I'll try to get the Romulans varnished as soon as possible.

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