Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Oops of War

Another couple of battles from 2012 here. In the first I thought it would be fun to throw a trio of Klingon C7 Battlecruisers at their Federation Kirov-class counterparts, while a black hole in the middle of the table pulled everything inward. As it turned out, the moving terrain rather threw out my brother's plans, so all three of my ships were able to get the drop on one of his, while his other two frantically tried not to crash into an asteroid field being sucked into the middle of the table. With one ship dead, and my fleet pretty much unharmed, it wasn't going to be much fun carrying on, so we called it a day.

In the second one I was still trying to use my laptop as a reference point for all the ships, which went disastrously when I tried to deploy about a thousand points of warships on either side, and foolishly tried my hand at a comparatively huge solo game. I ended up getting as far as the second or third turn, when the fleets had just started taking pot-shots at one another, and then gave up in utter befuddlement! Pretty pictures of a massed "battle", but that's about all that came out of this!

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