Monday, 28 January 2013

Star Fleet: Federation Reinforcements

Three new Federation heavy cruisers arrived last week. I had hoped, having been able to assemble the Mars and Gettysburg so easily, that this meant all the moulds were now my darlings, but it was not to be. Unfortunately, I had used up the last of my GS making some more mini-bunkers (a slight adaptation of the original design - watch for them in an approaching post), so I had to order some more. Happily, they are now complete, and my cruiser force for ACTA: SF is becoming a bit bonkers! I already had three Constitution-class (Enterprise, Hood and Intrepid), one Lexington-class command variant (Lexington) and one Gettysburg-class armoured command variant (Gettysburg), and now I have another three: Constitution, Farragut and Potemkin. Let the enemies of the Federation quake! Here they all are, folks! I have no idea what has happened to the formatting here.

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