Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Recommended Reading: Snake Oil by Bruno Lombardi

You should read this excellent book. Really, you should. Remember the film Independence Day. Giant, incredibly advanced alien ships have appeared above the major cities of Earth. They appeared swiftly. There was no warning. Nobody knows what to expect. The Earth is thrown into a state of alarm. From the heavens descends a single craft, landing on the White House lawn. Out steps the mysterious alien visitor, and demands the presence of the newly-elected American President. "Have I got a deal for you, Mr President!"

The aliens are selling advanced technology. But they are selling it, not giving it away. Why? For what price - now and later? To learn that you will need to read the very funny début novel of the awesome Bruno Lombardi, Snake Oil. It's available from Amazon here. it's available from Smashwords here.

He also has a short story out in this collection here: A Thursday Night at Doctor What’s Time and Relative Dimensional Space Bar and Grill.

If you like the short story, you will love the novel. Bruno is an excellent writer and observer of the human condition. Check them both out, folks, because I promise you that you will laugh your socks off!

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