Wednesday 13 February 2013

Terrain Compendium: Hold until relieved!

I have recently posted quite a few tutorials, which have mainly covered how to build pretty simple defensive structures. It strikes me that the best thing to do when so many articles have been posted is to collect them all in one handy location. Today's post is a compendium of these recent terrain tutorials. This is a one-stop-shop of bunkers and ramparts, folks! If you want to avoid being overrun, leaf through the following.

First up is a pair of ways to build miniature bunkers. These are adorable little things which fit on a CD and will hold either a single Imperial Guard Heavy Weapon Team or 5 or 6 individual models. The first is for those of you with a few lumps of spare plasticard about, and the second is for you folks with foamcard in abundance. Actually, even foamcard in short supply will do. These bunkers really are tiny!

If you fancy a larger bunker, one capable of containing a whole squad of Guardsmen (or even a whole Heavy Weapons Squad), then this is the tutorial for you. For variations on that theme, check out this entry, which offers some alternative (or alternate, if you're an American reader) configurations which might offer you some advantages in battle.

At the lower end of the technology scale, check out this design for earthworks. It's a design which you can easily scale up to protect a larger unit, or just provides a nice, simple defensive structure for a single HW Team or 5-6 infantry models. Then there's this really simple obstruction-cum-defensive structure: the wooden fence. Hide behind it. Retard or channel the advance of enemy infantry. The options are endle- well, pretty limited, actually. But it's great for those pre-industrial games, and you modern era guys will love running a tank over it and demanding it be removed from the board. If there's one thing PC games have taught us it is that everybody loves deformable terrain!

If you'd like to hold up enem vehicles with a spot of difficult terrain, then check out these tank traps. Alternatively, try out this really, really simple version of tank obstacles.

Here are a few bonus pictures of things I have been working on. I mentioned above the mini-bunkers. I completed most of these to hold HW Teams in comfort, but who doesn't want a ruin? They're handy to represent the building the enemy shot up last turn, an abandoned construction, or just a bit of incomplete or substandard workmanship. Er, on the part of the army's engineers. I always meant it to look that way. I didn't just lazily give up halfway through. Ahem!

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