Monday, 11 February 2013

Terrain Tutorial: Tank Obstacles the easy way

Last time I covered tank traps, large metal constructions made of girders. This time I offer the simpler way to stop tanks. In fact, this is so simple it barely needs an article! All you need for this is -

* Sand
* PVA glue
* Base (as usual I'm using a CD)
* Cardboard (to cover the central hole in the CD)
* Superglue
* Hot glue gun and sticks
* Paint
* A spare lump of polystyrene

1) Grab your spare bit of polystyrene and cut some similarly shaped squares out of it. Carve these so they look like pyramids with the ops sliced off. They don't have to be very tall You probably won't need more than an inch (25mm) in height at the most. See Fig 1.

2) Superglue some cardboard to cover the hole in the CD. Then use the hot glue gun to secure the pyramidal lumps to the base. Spread them out a bit so infantry can still get through, but bikers and tanks will have trouble. See Fig .2.

3) Apply a layer of diluted PVA to everything, and tip sand over it all. Wait for it to dry, then apply another coat of diluted PVA, and let that dry.

4) Undercoat everything and set to work painting. Drybrush the pyramidal lumps with successively lighter greys, then drybrush the ground in dirt tones until you're happy. See Fig. 3. You can add bits of model grass to add colour, or spare things from your bits box to tie them to a particular army. I have deliberately left these very generic.

Happy gaming, folks!

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