Monday, 4 February 2013

Terrain Feature: Bunker Variations

Hey up, folks. The other day I promised you some variations on the "bunker fit for a squad". There are three varieties of bunker here. All of them share a common feature: I trimmed off the top of the plastic tub, which is a thin lip that rests on the gaming table otherwise. The first of these is a modification of the original Squad Bunker. As I mentioned in that tutorial, you might get opponents raising eyebrows about LOS from any HW Teams in the building, as the guns cannot poke out the openings. This version of the bunker solves that problem, not having vision slits so much as gaping holes out of which regular infantry models and HW Teams can both draw LOS to models outside. As well as this, I have painted this model so it seems to fit a "Red Planet" theme. Anyway, see Fig. 1-3.

The second and third versions are both designed with HW Squads in mind. For both of these the foamcard is glued on externally, leaving enough space within for three HW Team bases. If the foamcard were applied internally, there just would not be enough room. Anyway, one is modelled to allow the HW Squad to have one gun of the Heavy Weapon Squad pointing out to cover most of the approaches to the bunker See Figs. 4 & 5. To be honest, I am not sure how LOS works in the current incarnation of 40K, so this might not be that helpful. But if that is so, then the third iteration is the one you want. I have carved out the front of the bunker, creating a "vision slit" which gives the three HW bases excellent forward LOS and pretty good side ones, too. If you have enemy coming at you from the font and simultaneously sweeping around your sides, this is the version you want to give your HW Squad the best protection while allowing the best field of fire. See Figs 6-9.

Stay tuned for more terrain updates, folks!

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