Monday 31 May 2010

The first vehicle




The first pictures come. This is a supply vehicle I have made for my Guard. The design is close to that of GW's Chimera kit, but clearly distinct. I made from plasticard some sides for the vehicle, and the chassis which lies between the sides. When I made this I thought I had plenty of spare IG tracks, so I used some spare small Guard roadwheels to ensure the sides were a centimetre apart. As you can see, I ran out of GW tracks, and have made some new detail-lacking ones to stand in their place. There are two ways of going about making replacement tracks. One can either put in a great deal of work or instead make very plain ones and cover up the lack of details with "mud" later on. Guess which route I'm taking.

GW parts used in the model are as follows.
* 12 small roadwheels (no longer available in the current Leman Russ and Chimera kits)
* 1 Cadian Heavy Weapon Team backpack
* 1 shovel from the IG tank sprue (no idea if this remains available)
* 3 handles from said sprue
* 1 Leman Russ exhaust (placed beneath the rear access step)
* 1 Russ towing hook
* 1 Imperial Aquila symbol
* 3 handles
* 1 tow rope (with the original plastic tow rope replaced)
* 1 crate of ammunition
* 1 Heavy Stubber (mounted on an IG searchlight mount and with a shield from an IG Heavy Weapons Team)
* 1 piece of cowling from a Heavy Flamer (weapon removed and replaced with a scratch Heavy Bolter)

Other pieces are as follows:
* 1 canister from a forgotten 1/35 detailing kit.
* 2 Jerry cans from a 1/35 detailing kit
* 1 piece of furled tarpaulin or similar from a 1/35 detailing kit
* 1 hatch lock from a terrain piece I have currently forgotten
* 1 small piece of metal car repair body-mesh to wrap around the exhaust
* Assorted detailing from plasticard

I'll now take this outside and undercoat it grey. I usually use Halford's yellow, but they haven't had any in lately. I very much hope they haven't got rid of it.

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