Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Remember your weak lemon drink

I present the guide to making your own sides for GW-style tanks. First, you will need the following.

* A file
* A sharp knife (obligatory take care warning!)
* A ruler (for measuring)
* A metal ruler (to serve as a guide for the knife)
* A sharp pencil
* A Chimera side to use as a template


First, mark out a strip of plasticard 40mm across and cut it carefully off the larger bit of plasticard.


Then place the Chimera side on the piece of plasticard, and draw round the curves with a pencil.


Cut the piece of plasticard with markings on off the rest of the 40mm strip. It's easier to handle this way.


Cut along the lines. Do not yet lament the sharp corners.


Then use your file to smooth the corners off. I tend to do this a couple of times from either direction, but it depends on how much force you apply, the quality of your file and so on. After this you will have plasticard fluff. Shave this off carefully with the knife.


Now you only need to do this another three times to have enough to make one vehicle! Er, yes.


  1. Well I meant more all the cool rivets and stuff, but this helps too!

  2. Ah, no worries. I shall do the detailing of the side tonight.


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