Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Some more black and the Grand Plan

First off, as the title says, some more black.


Second, a friend's asked me to post the roster for the whole army. I can't quite do that, as the roster has changed since I composed it, so there are a few odds and ends not mentioned in the following. However, this list can be taken as a fair approximation of what I intend to have whenever in the distant future I finally finish! So without further ado

Superheavy Tank Regiment:
Command (Baneblade) Company: 3 Baneblades
1st (Stormblade) Company: 3 Stormblades
2nd (Shadowsword) Company: 3 Shadowswords
3rd (Banesword) Company: 3 Baneswords
4th (Macharius) Company: 3 Macharius variants

Tank Regiment:
HQ Tank with Macharius twin-battlecannon turret (design uncertain)
1st (Vanquisher) Company: 10 Vanquishers
2nd (Light Leman Russ) Company: 10 Light Russ
3rd (Vanquisher) Company: 10 Vanquishers
4th (Demolisher) Company: 10 Demolishers
5th (Thunderer) Company: 10 Thunderers
6th (Exterminator) Company: 10 Exterminators
7th (Leman Russ) Company: 10 Russ
8th (Combined) Company: 3 Annihilators, 3 Executioners, 3 Conquerors, 1 yet to be decided
9th (Combined) Company: 3 Punishers, others to be decided.
Total: 90 Russ variants:

Artillery Regiment:
1st (Emperor’s Thunder Heavy Artillery) Company: 3 Bombards, 3 Manticores, 1 Chimaera Command
2nd (Emperor’s Wrath Artillery) Company: 9 Basilisks, 1 Chimaera Command
3rd (Emperor’s Wrath Artillery) Company: 9 Basilisks, 1 Chimaera Command
4th (Avenger Field Artillery) Company: 6 Heavy Mortars, 3 Thudd Guns, 9 Centaurs (to be built), 1 Chimaera Command
5th (Emperor’s Fury Artillery) Company: 3 Basilisks, 3 enclosed Medusae (to be built), 3 Enclosed Griffons (to be renovated), 1 Chimaera Command
6th (Emperor’s Fury Artillery) Company: 9 Enclosed Griffons, 1 Chimaera Command
Total: 6 Chimaera Command Vehicles, 9 Field Artillery units, 9 Centaurs, 42 Mobile Artillery Vehicles

Mechanised Infantry Regiment:
1st Reconnaissance Company: 1 Salamander Command, 7 Salamanders
2nd Reconnaissance Company: 1 Salamander Command, 6 Chimaerae
3rd Reconnaissance Company: 1 Exterminator, 6 Chimaerae
4th Reconnaissance Company: 1 Exterminator, 6 Chimaerae
Emperor’s Talons Recon Troop: 3 Multilaser Sentinels, 3 Lascannon Sentinels, 1 Autocannon Sentinel with 2 Technicals counting as AC Sentinels, Support and Command Sentinels to be bought)
Total: 2 Salamander Command Vehicles, 2 Exterminators, 7 Salamanders, 18 Chimaerae, 2 Technicals, 9+ Sentinels

Support Elements:
Hydra Battery: 3 Hydrae
Laser Destroyer Squadron: 4 Laser Destroyers
Hellhound Squadron: 3 Hellhounds
1 Deathstrike Missile Launcher
Supply Company: 8 Open-Topped Trojans, 1 Unarmed Supply Vehicle, 1 Engineer’s Transport, 1 Unarmed Engineer’s Transport
2 Exterminators, 2 uncertain Russ, 1 Thunderer

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