Monday, 1 April 2013

April Fool!

Ooh, it's one of those days! I was awakened at twenty-five past three this morning by the sound of something falling over. I stumbled to the window to see the bird-table lying on its side, and a sheepish badger partly-creeping and partly-limping back toward it to get the birdseed he'd managed to dislodge. This rather disrupted my sleep, and so when I got up to go to volunteer at the charity shop I've been working in for the last few weeks, I ended up about five minutes late. Luckily, it was closed. I had checked on Friday that it would be open today. More fool me! :D

In truth, on Friday we almost ran out of change in the till, and the manageress couldn't get any more because the banks were shut. She did manage to get some more money, but I imagine it was expended over the weekend, with the result that there was no point in opening today, as the banks are still shut, it being a Bank Holiday. Note to self: remember next time to give her my number so she can let me know. The Tower is coming along nicely. I have three of the four quadrants done, and am hopeful of getting most of the last done today. There's a slight lack of foamcard, but I doubt I'll be able to get any since everywhere's closed because it's a a Bank Holiday. The rest of today will probably be consumed by reading and watching old episodes of HIGNFY. I trust you're all having a less exhausting Bank Holiday today than I!

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