Friday, 26 April 2013

Star Fleet: a septet of small ships

Last time we had a battlecruiser and some larger cruisers. Today it is the turn of a pair of light cruisers, USS Bavaria and USS Lorraine, a trio of Burke-class Frigates, Lehman, Beatty and Jellicoe, and a pair of funky, triple-nacelled battle frigates, Red and Blue. In universe, only four of the things were built, but these are my fifth and sixth miniatures. There does seem to be a related fifth ship, an FBV called USS Bryant, and there's a gap in the numbering system which allows for several more ships to be made up and inserted without mucking up the other ships in the fleet list, so I'll probably come up with something eventually! Enjoy the pictures, and happy 'gaming until next time, folks!

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