Monday, 29 April 2013

Star Fleet: The Defeated Fleet

When you get to buying several fleet packs of one faction, you do tend to end up with some surplus ships. Therefore, I decided to hack up a few, and make some objectives for scenarios. The battlecruiser USS Australia appears here in part, specifically her detached saucer. Her engineering hull and nacelles are awaiting some work. There's also the dreadnought Konkordium, which has lost her third nacelle, and a seriously battered Constitution-class, identity unknown, which is barely half there. I painted them much as I usually do, but deliberately made them dirtier, and added some black and brown marks to signify where they were hit by enemy weapons fire. The "smoke" is white cotton wool sprayed with black spray paint. I tore tiny wisps of cotton, then stuck them in a box and hit them a few times with the spray. Since tiny pieces of cotton vanish in breezes, I tore up more than I needed, and was pleasantly surprised not to lose any! I had to reconstruct the Constitution-class's neck with the nacelle support from the Dreadnought, as I had used the original neck and the Dreadnought's nacelle to make the old-style Federation Destroyer. I hope you like the pics, folks. Until next time, happy 'gaming!

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