Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Star Fleet: new ships

A quartet of new ships up today. I got a new fleet box for the Federation the other week, and these are the first fruits. You have already seen the heavy cruiser herein depicted, albeit without transfers, alongside the Saladin in my recent conversion tutorial. I am filling in some gaps in my heavy cruiser numbering, so first up are the Constitution-class heavy cruiser NCC-1704 USS Yorktown and a Lexington-class command variant, NCC-1705 USS Excalibur. Next up are my second Strike Cruiser NCC-1637 USS Daedalus and another battlecruiser, NCC-1753 USS New Zealand. There are several more ships to come from this force, so I hope you like these wee chaps! Until next time, happy 'gaming!

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