Saturday, 11 December 2010

Clockwork, magnets, fighting and photography

First, I intend to move to a three updates a week schedule. I appreciate interest drops off when nothing happens on a blog for a long time. Second, I've lately been putting to good use some magnets a friend got for me. They're doing a stand-up job securing turrets to hulls. I've been very scrupulous and so haven't experienced the heartbreak of accidentally inverting one yet. Third, I've managed to get in a series of small games against my brother. We should be having another small fight tomorrow (IG vs. IG, Attackers 750 pts, Defenders 500). So, fourth, I shall try to get a few snaps to put up here, technology permitting. On that same note, I will also try to get some snaps of vehicles up for scrutiny.

Over and out.

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