Sunday, 5 December 2010

Good News!

Loyal followers, I say that prisoners will be prisoners no more. Er, wait, no. I say that after a spot of experimenting, it seems likely that I will be able to upload pics from this EeePC after all. I have played a few games against my brother (who hasn't played anything even vaguely GW-ish since the mid-90s). So far I massacred him in the first game, and he's slaughtered me in the two subsequent ones! We shall play a fourth game tomorrow, and I intend to get some pictures up. As things stand, there's nothing grand going on here. If he's enamoured of the game, I'll give him a guiding hand with modelling and painting (and I'll probably give him some of my models, too - he's been awfully good to me, so it's only fair), but I shan't put my stamp on him. After all, he's beating me thus far, so it'd be a bit silly to have him defer to me!

Our games thus far have only been small and studiously equal. I don't think it wise to start off with Baneblades - or even Russes - so our largest opposing forces have been 5 Stormies, 10 Guardsmen, a Chimaera, and a Russ Annihilator (good old Forgeworld!). I intend to bring in the idea of Platoons (and Officers and Orders) tomorrow. Grand plans afoot here.

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