Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Puppini perfection

If you've not heard of the Puppini Sisters, check them out on Youtube or similar. Kudos to Jenny for bringing them to my eyes and ears.

On a different and altogether less pleasant note, anyone with a fix for trapped nerves is encouraged to pass it on to me. Managed to trap my right arm's nerve in the elbow some time yesterday afternoon. Still there. Ack! Had my right knee doing this to me the other day. Oy vey! I haven't had a proper night's sleep since Thursday, so last night I just fell into bed, abandoning the collecting. Mum very kindly went out and did a nearby street anyway. Naturally, I still didn't have a good night's sleep. I must have shut my eyes around six in the evening, and reopened them just after eleven at night. No collecting later on. I am going over to N's, where the three of us will be watching either a film he's secured or Alien, which I shall bring with me as backup. That'll be cool, either way.

Went over to see Debbie last night, which was grand. Had a few drinks, and watched Black Swan, which she'd bought on the day of its release. Huzzah! It's a delightfully deranged piece of work. I could give a more nuanced commentary if I hadn't been imbibing whiskey and vodka, so accept that my praise is vague and undefined. Furthermore, the aforementioned elbow business keeps throwing me off. Stabs of pain if one shifts one's arm a few inches the wrong way are not conducive to maintaining a strong narrative, as you can see.

I've been making a spot of terrain. I found an old Star Wars chess piece I lopped bits off and stuck to things some years ago. I've stuck some sand on his base, so just need to secure that and dust him down before I can paint him. In addition, I have a few bases of trees, some storage containers (constructed from bottle caps, an idea taken from another chap's blog), something which will either be power generators or storage tanks, a pair of objective markers inspired by a recent post on theback40k, and a building made from some spare bits and pieces stuck to a piece of drain connector. The objective markers will represent smoke curling up from the ground where smoke grenades/markers have been dropped to show the troops where to go. Pictures soon. I'm also working on finally concluding an old 1/72 Airfix German artillery emplacement, which I started turning into a 40K IG command centre and artillery emplacement some time ago. So there's a lot in the pipeline. I mean to post some pictures later on today, so keep your eyes peeled, plastic fans!

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