Monday, 28 November 2011

Gaudete! Two tanks on the production line!

Mum's kindly provided me with her unused -900 EeePC, so I am now back.
I have not been idle in my enforced absence. I have been working on designs for a pair of count-as-Russ for a mate in distant foreign parts. The brief was to produce something similar to the very fine Bearcat of Leonas. I am constrained by having no wheels, but my mate intends to source some and some tracks, so that's no bother. Here's the progress so far. I carved some sides out of 2mm plasticard, rounded some corners, and secured some of the old Russ track-guards to them, and glued some Lego in the middle for bracing and as a guide for later construction. I then set to work on the top parts. I bore in mind a few things here. My vehicle width would be constrained by Lego sizes. 6 blocks' width translates to c.47.5mm, so I cut my 0.5mm plasticard to a width of 48mm. I'd planned out the engine deck and driver/hull-gunner's positions already, and I knew I would tailor the angles to available Lego pieces.

This means that I can make two vehicles quickly to pretty much the same plan. I also wanted to use two spare Space Marine Predator turret rings (one has vanished in the last two days, so needs to be unearthed). I've not finally decided on the shape of the turrets, but I have settled on the size of the rings that will connect them to the hull. All this uniformity and the accompanying photos also gives my mate the option of recreating this design himself, should he decide to expand his fleet of AFVs some day. As The Beatles probably sang, "All you need is Lego!" And plasticard. And glue. And knives, files, er. On to the pictures.

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