Tuesday, 15 November 2011

On the humanity of computers

For days I have been unable to do things with my EeePC. I couldn't access external devices, open files on the machine or even run the Task Manager function. I lamented my ignorance of any procedure that might save the dying beast, decided it was about to die, and accepted that I had had a good run. I deleted a few files, and was forced to transfer a load of others via Gmail. It was just a matter of waiting for the end, I decided. Perhaps it would be in a day or two, perhaps a week, but it would come. Days went by, and it didn't die. I intermittently poked at the system, and it kept on responding as before, "Ooh, no, I can't open that!" "A Task Manager? I've never 'eard of it, chief!"

Just a few minutes ago I decided to turn the machine off. I tried to bring up the Task Manager. It came up! I was suspicious. I connected my camera. It was accessible! Huzzah! For no apparent reason my computer had stopped working, and for no apparent reason it has now returned to life. The Turing Test should surely include a component that covers irrational, inexplicable behaviour, as nothing is more human than that. Yes, it's surely true: my computer is a Cybermat. Someone fetch Doctor Who before it slaughters me. Needless to say, I'm rather cheered by this development! Of course, what I will inevitably find out next is a burning pile of machinery when my computer does decide to die. It's bound to happen in the next five minutes! Here's hoping it doesn't!

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