Saturday, 5 November 2011

Superheavy fuel transport

I cut out the side bits first (175 by 50mm bits of 2mm thick plasticard), and carved and filed some rounded corners into them. Then I got some bits of Lego and superglued them between the sides. Little Lego man heads smiling out are a bit sinister, I must admit. Anyway, they add a nice bit of strength to the rounded corners. After that, I got some Lego bits and bobs and constructed a vague framework for the main body of the vehicle, and layered it with 0.5mm thick plasticard (about 59.5mm wide). There are some gaps I'll fill in later on. I've test-fitted the "Fuel Canister", and that looks fine. So it needs securing and detailing, and then it's ready for a spot of painting. Here are some pics to clarify my words.


  1. Your poor lego collection! You really give it a hammering at every opportunity don't you!

  2. I'm amazed how much there is left of it! I thought it had all been given away years ago. I must say, the longer I look at these pictures, the creepier they seem: those little smiling heads, decapitated and glued between boards. I do feel sorry for 'em!


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