Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Two tanks: Part II

I've taken a wealth of photos to document every stage of the construction process, so duplication of this should be a comparative doddle. The pictures speak for themselves, and this commentary is pretty superfluous. The hulls currently need just a little work before I can give myself completely over to detailing. I still can't find that Predator turret ring, either! Right, let's begin. To ensure nice straight lines and structural integrity I used more Lego blocks and some 2mm plasticard offcuts. I boxed in the underside of the hull, then got to work on the hull gunner's position. Having used a sloping Lego piece on the inside, I knew that I could wrap one with plasticard and it would go perfectly on the outside of the hull. It also provided a nice flat surface for me to drill into. I selected a central spot, and then got myself a selection of weapons. Bearing in mind that my mate wants to be able to field any variant of hull gun, and that the Russ' options are Lascannon, Heavy Bolter and Heavy Flamer, I got two of each, drilled a hole in them, then inserted a length of metal rod (a spare spear from an order for some lances for WWI cavalry). Provided one has the right length, one can then slot the desired weapon into the gunner's position. Until tomorrow, friends!

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